"Loving. Sharing. Caring
We work together, focus on feelings, discover adventures & create a safe sacred place for intimate energy and human experience"


All retreats are available at burns, but some take place at special occasion in Hamburg, Copenhagen or Berlin


Kinky Reconnect Retreat

A guided playparty including soft touch, tantric exercise, bdsm intro and open play. Main focus is human interaction and connection, sexual and non-sexual. 

Temple Of Kali
Temple Night 

A ceremonial opening with a fire show that opens up the temple to the participants to join a sensual orgy with soft and exotic energy. 

Women & Men Circles

A wintertime program that we offer our local community to join open workshops. Guided by the principle of "Each One Teach One". 

Liquid Love

A sensual experience of non-verbal communication, just by touching each others warm bodies that are covered in olive oils. 

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To Whom?

Be more than an attendee, inspire yourself by an open minded experience!

It might be a scenario that some of us have dreamed of, but orgies and playparties are still a taboo topic in the society. Making S+ a theme is not new at burns, but making it cineastic and super expressive and guided might be a new thing. 


As a participant you will feel welcomed and hosted. We will create a maximum safe surrounding by teaching the participants beforehand about consent and the behaviour in playrooms regarding each and everyone in the ceremonial parts and retreats. 


 Have a kind heart, accept yourself, accept your boundaries and play with your phantasies.