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„Temple Of Kali“ Camp is a project which was founded in 2020 and appears on burns. The theme of the camp is a playful & theatric playroom that offers retreats that can be tantric, or BDSM, or let´s say everything in between a wonderful journey to explore and connect, including visual performances and a whole sensual experience. 


You are invited to discover our unique Playspace in an outstanding location in the city centre of Hamburg. Temple of Kali is an opulent space for sensual, sexual and kinky play of all kinds. We provide mattresses, different play-toys, a spanking corner, condoms and more.


Temple-Wardens hold the space and ensure a safe experience for everyone.
We will open the gates with a dance floor, a lounge area and the Temple Playspace to host around 200 people. 

It is your place to get intimate and wild, to enjoy a massage or a spanking, to be vanilla or kinky, to connect deeply or to have a quicky. Expect open hearts, respectful encounters and a crazy amount of pleasure and joy! We invite all bodies, all sexual orientations, all loves and all lovers – feel welcome, included and cherished!Please read and follow our “Manual of Good Temple Practice” to ensure the best Temple experience ! 



October, 28-31 / 2022

Hamburn is an experiment in creative freedom, participation and cash-free community, conceived, built, experienced and returned to nothing by YOU. Created by a diverse, artistic local community, Hamburn is unique.

Our camp is coming in full bloom with providing a playroom and workshops.