Who we are


Our camp is a community that is deeply interconnected like a family. We are artists and lovers of life and envision together. This is NOT a plug and play camp, so do not expect everything to be provided for you. This is not the camp for you if you are not self-reliant. We love providing the comforts of home to our camp family - but we promise nothing. This is the playa and anything can happen despite our hard work. That is part of the fun and transformative nature of Burns. 

New members


We're planning for 2022 and we will be celebrating our 3th year!! We will be accepting applications for the 2022 Nowhere Burn by the end of january  Our camp is full of amazing returning members and open to new, singles couples and moresomes by application. If you are new to our camp and want to camp with us fill out the form which will be located here around January. Get to know us and let us know what you can bring to and offer the camp. Please read our camp agreement before you fill in the form!

House Of Kali

„House Of Kali“ is a project that is realised during winter time as workshop days with the principle „Each One Teach One“ in mind. We create space for women and men circles, sharing time and thoughts as well as creating moments for emotional support. We work together, focus on human connection, discover personal growth & create a safe place for human interaction & experience.


Temple Of Kali

„Temple Of Kali“ Camp is a project which was founded in 2020 and, since then, has appeared on two burns. The theme of the camp is a playful & theatrical playroom that offers retreats which can be tantric, or BDSM, or let´s say everything in between a wonderful journey to explore and connect, including visual performances and wholesome sensual experiences.