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to our beloved social and co-creative bunch of open-minded individuals. At burns, we are a medium-sized camp with around 25-30 people maximum capacity. Why are you so small, you might wonder? To create an intimate experience and get to know the group better. We are looking for similarly open-minded people who would love to get into deeper connection. No sparkle ponies please! It is a growing camp with the ability to bring the highest burn standards to the playa and because of the size, every single hand is needed.


Are you new to burns? Everyone is welcome as long as they are willing to contribute and have the same open mindset to respect each other. Join us and grow with us

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We are open minded, queer, interested in bringing s+ activities into our daily life. Samewise we would love to grow as a deeply connected camp. All nationalities, genders and contributors are welcome. Please write us an e-mail to to introduce yourself to us. Our main language is English, regarding to the different nationalities we have in the camp. 

By the end of January we will provide the direct membership application form for Nowhere here. Please fill it out. We will get back to you shortly. 

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Interact and get to know us better. The first step could be our facebook group for members and friends. Learn about our projects, or simply introduce yourself.Click the symbol to connect to our members & friends facebook group.

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