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Workshop Descriptions & Schedule 

Awaken your erotic flow


Ob Alltagsgedanken, Stress oder Sorgen: Es ist nicht immer ganz leicht, nach Plan zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt in eine erotische Stimmung zu finden. Rituale können uns helfen, eine Brücke zu bilden vom Alltag in die Lust. Und Hypnose ist ein ganz besonderes Ritual, das durch Suggestionen machtvolle innere Bilder erzeugt und somit vollständig in deinem Geist stattfindet.


In diesem Workshop führt Undine dich mit ihrer bezaubernden Stimme in deinen persönlichen erotischen Flow - zur Vorbereitung auf eine unvergessliche Tempel-Party, und damit du auch danach jederzeit selbst viel leichter mit deiner sinnlichen Energie in Kontakt kommen kannst.

RED HALL: 18.00 - 19.00
By Hypnokink



„Consent“ as a term and concept is probably one of the most importat ideas of sex-positivity.   Exploring sexual spaces always requires an consentual agreement between two or more persons about what excatly is going to happen in this interaction. In this way consent is tigh bounded to communication and awareness of your own and other peoples boundaries. In this Workshop we working with interactive methods too explore our own boundaries and practice consent communication in an easy and joyful way. Higly recommended for everyone new to this topic and everyone else! 

RED HALL: 19.30- 20.30
By Henje & Antonia

Tantra Into


Tantra into kink provides a doorway to find emotional freedom from the day-to-day life. Reconnection and communication of your wishes, desires and boundaries. Liberation of guilt and shame around your desires. Practical exercises and exploration of your desires in a safe, playful and pleasurable way.
Emotional care.

Bring a partner or you can find a partner at the workshop.​

RED HALL: 21.00 - 22.00
By Milena


Ecstatic Dance


Ecstatic dance is a form of dance in which the dancers, sometimes without the need to follow specific steps, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy.


Ecstatic dance. We empower free body movement without shoes at our events. Free yourself and enjoy feeling home in your body.  

RED HALL: 22.45 - Midnight 
By SaS


Shakti meets Shiva


Do you know the feminine and masculine energy inside of you? Everyone is born with both of these universal energies. They don‘t have a gender inherently assigned to them but humankind associates Yin with the feminine and Yang with the masculine. In a broader sense, giving is an action of our divine 

masculine, while receiving is an action of our divine feminine.


How do these dual energies shape our experience of having sex? We invite you to switch roles by taking the posion of your partner. How to deal with the feelings coming up while you are penetrating when you usually get penetrated - and vice versa? For this workshop there is no need to get naked, we focus on the flow of energy. 

Come to explore your (w)holiness!

ROMANTIC HALL 18.00 - 19.00
By Lexa

Sensual Landing


Within the sensual landing workshop you go on your very own physical journey. It’s the perfect start for an extraordinary evening for newbies and returning Kalis alike.

Together we create a non-sexual space beyond the binary, high on oxytocin and serotonin. 

People on the ace spectrum are welcome


We start with a meditation and visualization to arrive in the room and in our bodies. With different movement and white tantric exercises we then discover our playful site and how different touches are experienced in our bodies. Sensual Landing is also a social mixer, where you meet people for the evening, night and beyond.

ROMANTIC HALL: 19.30 - 20.30
By Mint


Squirting Orgasm -
Female Ejaculation


„Would you like to learn how to give Squirting Orgasm or would you like to try to get one? Are you curious about what a squirting orgasm is and the technique behind it?“


Squirting orgasms can be very strong and deep - and so much fun to play with.

Most women can squirt - if their partner knows the right technique.


This PlayShops is a mixture of lecture and demonstration.  After the lecture and demonstration, it will be possible to try out the technique with your own partner under my guidance.


Note that It is an explicit Playshop, where there will be nakedness and sexual expression.of energy. 

Come to explore your (w)holiness!
and please bring your towel

ROMANTIC HALL: 21.00 - 22.00
By Claus


Tantric Orgy


Immerse yourself in a safe space of sensuality, ecstasy and sexual exploration. Bring your playfulness, freedom and authentic self to connect with others. Allow yourself to fully express your boundaries, desires, and wishes. Explore and get to know yourself through love heart, no fear, intimacy, self responsibility and authentic desire. All are welcome in sexy outfits.

PLAYROOM: After Rital Performance
By Milena




Do you want to explore your dominant side? Do you own a Pussy and want to use it to submit your partner? 

Do you want to explore your submissive side? To completely surrender and be in full trust of what is about to happen to you?  


- Then this explicit workshop is meant for you!  In the first part we explain and demonstrate a Play-Script step by step. In the second part we will guide you through the script, while you and your partner are playing it out.  

–The WS is suitable for curious beginners in the game of female domination, as for advanced kinksters. There will be time and space to negotiate your individual play according to your personal boundaries and desires. Of course you only play the bits of the script, that you feel comfortable with.

- The play may contain: Face-sitting, impact play, breath play and whatever sparks your imagination.

- Bring a willing play partner and suitable toys like blindfolds, a leash, a riding crop, paddles, cuffs, etc… 


Come and free your inner Dominatrix or Sub with us!

PLAYROOM: 18.00 - 19.00
By Till & Shir



A hour workshop to awaken the sensuality and quality of sexual perception for females


Various scientific, traditional & creative techniques are combined into a sequential flow to unlock hidden levels of pleasure. The focus lies on the holistic activation of various erogenous zones by the chosen partner in a trust building, iteratively intensifying & neurologically enhancing rhythm. The individual phases for each iteration are:


1) Briefing and demonstration of the 

    upcoming technique 

2) Tryout phase by the participants  

3) Feedback round with all participants 

    to exchange ideas & experiences


At best bring your own trusted partner 

This is not a theoretical workshop

PLAYROOM: 19.30 - 20.30
By Alex & Felicitas

Playroom Q&A
Questions & Answers


Ask an open relation couple who are part of the crew about anything you would like. It can be general or personal. We are open to answer all your quetions. 

ORIENTAL LOUNGE: 20.30 - 21.00
By Sandra & Jan


Sense Journey

Open your Senses to awaken your magic. Feel the touch of pleasure, hear the sounds of Love, enjoy the tastes of lust.The Temple of Kali Crew, leads you on a sensual journey inwards and to the world of sensations. Connect with yourself and your channels of reception by getting fluffed, teased and stimulated in an aware and safe setting. The sensitive and experienced Temple of Kali members will guide you through that Workshop and offer a variety of stimulation for your senses. This Workshop is designed as a “non sexual” sensual experience. Nudity is possible! This workshop suits the best for patience and calm participants. The number of participants is limited for this workshop so a registration on side for this workshop will be necessary.

PLAYROOM: 21.00 - 22.00
By Temple Of Kali Crew


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