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Upcoming Events

„Temple Of Kali“ Camp is a project which was founded in 2020 and appears on burns. The theme of the camp is a playful & theatric playroom that offers retreats that can be tantric, or BDSM, or let´s say everything in between a wonderful journey to explore and connect, including visual performances and a whole sensual experience. 


Temple of Kali is an opulent space for sensual, sexual and kinky play of all kinds. This event is for invited friends and chosen people only!. 

During afternoon you can experience our unique workshop 

program, while during night we open the dancefloor and the playroom temple for a guided sensual journey. The doors will close by 10 pm to ensure a group experience. Please arrive until 10pm.


We invite all bodies, all sexual orientations, all loves and all lovers – feel welcome, included and cherished! For ticketinfo, please join our info channel via link here: 

You can express yourself freely with your choice of a creative and sexy outfit. 

Burner / Kinky / Glitter / Mad Max / Fetish / Neon / Lingerie / Latex / Cyber / Temple Yogi / Extravagant / Individual / Druid

Please note that this is not the space to wear your daily clothing! This event will take place without shoes. So bring yourself a good pair of socks, houseslippers or be prepared to walk barefoot. For more inspiration please click here: 


Consent is key. At all of our events we take consent seriously. Please connect & interact with people only if they are up for it. During our workshops it is highly appreciated to visit our consent awareness training before the night starts. Please respect each other‘s boundaries and be mindful while interacting. Everyone has their own way of expressing love and intimacy. Please use words and a clear language to tell what you like and what not. You are responsible for your and your partner‘s wellbeing.  We do have temple wardens (consent angels) to talk to. These are trained to help you immediately in all cases of consent violations or get in touch regarding your questions and share thoughts.


It is also okay to not participate in sexual play and have a good time.


  1.  that consent must be explicitly granted from an individual of a clear state of mind and  able to grant it. 

  2.  that breach of consent will ban YOU from the venue and future Temple Of Kali events. 

  3. to bring a cup or plastic glass

  4.  that this is a no-shoe event! Please bring socks or slippers

    Downtempo / Playa House / Tribal / Slowgroove
    - Ecstatic Dance Opening

    Fireshow / Performance Art / Bellydance / Absinth Special Bar / Sword Dance / Fruit Servants / Aerial Circus Duet and more to be announced soon….

    Consent Awareness / Playroom Q&A / awaken Your erotic Flow Hypnosis / Tantra Into Kink / Shaky meets shiva / Female Awakening / Sensual landing / Dominant Facesitting / Squirting Orgasms / Sensual Sense Journey

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